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Mobile Beauty provide exceptional Eye enhancements! Your eyes are the windows to your soul...enhance your beauty and appearance by having bolder, longer, thicker and curlier eye lashes that'll really get younoticed!

* Eyelash Tinting dyes lashes black from root to tip perfect for holidays or those at school.
* Eyebrow Tinting dyes eyebrows to help define the eyes and frame the face.
* Eyelash Perming curls eyelashes upwards, creating more length and lasts for up to 3 months.
* Eyelash Extensions are long lasting, add volume, length and that WOW factor!

Eye Enhancements

Eyebrow Shape - $20 (waxing, threading and/or tweezing)
Eyelash or eyebrow tint - $29 
Eyelash tint & eye brow shape - $45
Lash tint, eye brow tint & eyebrow shape - $60
Eyelash perm - $70 
Eyelash perm & tint- $80 
Firming Collagen & Peptide Eye Treatment - $55

Eyelash Extensions

Mobile Beauty use high quality Silk eyelashes which are individually applied to each natural eyelash, giving a longer, thicker and bolder appearance. Your eyelash extensions will last between 2-6 weeks and infills can be applied every 3-4 weeks to keep you looking gorgeous! Application takes approximately 1 hour and we will personalise the look to suit you.
Natural Set - 30 lashes per eye - $100
Enhance Set - 40 lashes per eye - $130
Lush Set - 50 lashes per eye - $150
WOW Factor! - 60 lashes per eye - $180
2-4 Weekly Infills - from $60 (replace up to 40 lashes in total)
Eyelash Extension Removal - $30


Eyelash Tips: 
* Avoid wearing mascara to your appointment.
* Remove eye contacts before your treatment.
* After having perming/extensions/semi permanent mascara applied, keep lashes dry for 24-48 hours afterward.
* Mascara on eyelash extensions or on top of semi permanent mascara is not recommended, however if you still opt to use it, choose a non-waterproof type and don't remove it. Rather let it crumble off naturally.
* Avoid rubbing your eyes, as this will weaken the glue of your extensions or affect the semi permanent mascara. 
* Avoid oil-based makeup remover as this will shorten the life span of your eye treatment. 

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