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Mobile Beauty offer fully mobile Massage services for individuals, as well as corporates massage, pamper parties and events. Mobile Massage is available in a variety of styles including table style, chair style, seated head, neck & shoulder massages, hand and arm and foot and leg massages. 

Massage is extremely beneficial for releasing tension, easing muscle aches and headaches, helping the circulation of lymph systems (the body's natural defence system), unblocking toxins, increasing blood circulation, minimising stress and relaxing the body, mind and soul. Massage is beneficial on every level! You only get one body, treat it right!

Upper Body Stress Relief Massage - $60 (1/2 hour)
Full Body Therapeutic Massage - $105 (1 hour)
Full Body Therapeutic Massage - $140 (1.5 hours)

Couples Massage side by side - $210 total (1 hour)
Couples Massage side by side - $280 total (1.5 hours)
*couples massage subject to availability

Corporate Workplace Massage:
Let the professional, experienced Mobile Beauty team come to your workplace to provide
short stress & pain relieving massages. Work place massage increases staff morale and energy levels, improves focus and concentration, helps to relieve and prevent RSI and increases staff productivity - all of these factors increase your business productivity and revenue! We offer one of the most competitive pricing structures.

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